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Zurich Insurance – Zurich Insurance is a leader in the insurance providing industry. It is a multi-line insurance provider with a strong global business footprint.

Zurich Insurance Benefits

With approximately 60 000 employees, Zurich has dedicated itself to going above and beyond to provide a range of general insurance and life insurance products and services for individuals, businesses large and small and multinational corporations. Zurich is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) in South Africa.

As a global business, Zurich has a clientele that spans across many countries. It is for this reason that they understand that the risks confronting their different clients from different parts of the world are also unique. Zurich has therefore invested in over 1000 risk engineering professionals who work in over 170 countries.

In terms of individual insurance, Zurich provides car insurance, home insurance, general liability, savings and investments, life insurance and critical illness, travel insurance, pensions and retirement planning.

Zurich’s insurance plans are tailor-made to suit the specific needs of its clients and products also exist for small and medium-sized businesses. In this category of insurance plans, Zurich provides property insurance, casualty insurance, workers’ compensation, corporate life, pensions setting up and ongoing administration.

Zurich has also provided a selection of solutions to help reduce risks across borders. This is because they understand that in today’s hectic global economic environment large corporations will not be able to predict the risks and challenges that they may face. The application of these solutions is accomplished by the provision of a multinational insurance application (MIA) which helps to ensure alignment with local insurance regulations and premium tax obligations.

A global team of risk engineering professionals work to give clients access to professionals with first-hand industry experience in local and global knowledge. There is also a global claims organisation with 800 claims professionals worldwide.

Zurich Insurance Contact Details

Zurich Insurance prides itself in the fact that it listens to the demands, requests and concerns of its clientele. Zurich Insurance is always ready to listen when you contact them on 011 370 9111 or visit www.zurich.co.za.