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selfmed medical aid


Selfmed Medical Aid – South Africa’s transformation into a democratic nation has resulted in immense benefits for the business sector. Since the establishment of democracy, the economic environment has become increasingly free and flexible which means that businesses especially in the private sector, have been able to flourish. Continue reading

prime meridian hospital plan


Prime Meridian Hospital Plan – Prime Meridian Direct has made a name for itself in the South African financial services industry because it is committed to providing insurance policies that suit the specific requirements of its clientele. Continue reading

one plan health insurance plan


One Plan Health Insurance – South Africans are currently trying to bridge the gap between quality medical solutions and the ones which aren’t so great. The costs of applying for the decent schemes have an overwhelming effect on our pockets these days, which also hinder us to use the product in the first place. There is light at the end of this tunnel luckily, and there is an option for customers out there to benefit from quality medical assistance, though unfortunate circumstances like and illness. One group with the One Plan Health Insurance has the solution. Continue reading

momentum health cover


Momentum Health is a South African brand with unique offerings, enlisted under the Medical Schemes Act. Life can be very unpredictable and we can never be sure of what unforeseen disease or mishaps lie ahead. That is the reason Momentum Health above all else gives healthcare protection that will secure our individuals against the unforeseen – paying attention to the actual needs of their clients. Continue reading

fedhealth medical aid


Fedhealth Med Covers – Governments, families and individuals invest a lot of financial resources where health is concerned. This is because of the belief that a healthy nation, community, family or individual is a productive nation, community, family or individual. Statistics have also revealed that immediate expenditure on sudden health challenges for solutions are more expensive than the option of having a financial reservoir in the form of a medical aid. Continue reading

Genesis Medical Aid Scheme benefits

Genesis Medical Aid Scheme

Genesis Medical Aid Scheme offers you affordable monthly premiums at only R855 for Adults, R2045 Private Comprehensive cover as well as First child Premiums at R340 a month as well as R125 monthly Subsequent Children premiums. Genesis offers you a great deal you cannot resist. Continue reading

Medshield Medical Aid Scheme

Medshield Medical Aid Scheme Benefits

Since 1968, Medshield Medical Aid Scheme has been on the forefront of delivering the best affordable health care products and services. The Insurance Company has grown to have branches in all the provinces in South Africa and to become a well trusted medical aid insurer among the locals. Continue reading

sasfin healthcare consulting

Sasfin Healthcare Consulting Benefits

Sasfin Healthcare Consulting- A wealthy nation is one that understands and goes on to invest in the healthcare of its people. For this reason this is why globally, Health matters remain the main subject of discussion and the backbone of scientific researches. Sasfin Healthcare Consulting remain one of the institution in the Health industry that has brought sustainability and change in all our communities. Continue reading

prime-meridian hospital plan benefits

Prime Meridian Hospital Plan – R3 a day

Prime Meridian Hospital Plan is one of the products offered by Prime Meridian Direct among others such as Personal Insurance and Car insurance to target a wide clientele base while offering affordable rates. Of the three products on offer Prime Meridian Hospital Plan is widely seeked after. Continue reading