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avbob funeral insurance plan


Avbob Funeral Insurance Plan – The Funeral insurance plan through Avbob is a South African common confirmation society giving pro memorial service protection and internment administrations. With more than 90 years involvement in the business and more than 3.5 million lives secured, Avbob has gone ahead to make itself in nine areas with 156 orgs in South Africa and Namibia. Avbobs mission is to guarantee people and families get a noble memorial service. Continue reading

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AVBOB Funeral Insurance and Burial Services – AVBOB is a gem in the South African insurance and financial services industry. It is one of the stellar list of insurance service providers that are multifaceted with no specific area of specialisation. AVBOB however, stands out because it has taken a different approach in the market. AVBOB specialises in funeral insurance and it is also a burial service provider. Continue reading

Funeral Cover for Zimbabweans in South Africa benefits

Funeral Cover for Zimbabweans in South Africa

Funeral Cover for Zimbabweans in South Africa – Funerals may be a time of mourning and grieving but they do come with unexpected expenses that would worsen the burden the family would be facing This can be magnified if you are living in a foreign land and you need to take the deceased back home. Continue reading

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Hollard Funeral Cover

No one really knows when they or their loved ones will die. The only thing that you can do for yourselves and your loved ones is to get Hollard Funeral Cover. With this Funeral cover and also Hollard Life Insurance, you get reassurance, leaving you and your family with a good peace of mind. Continue reading

assupol life insurance cover

Assupol Life Insurance

Assupol Life Insurance is an insurance company that has over 100 years doing business and has provided insurance cover in the event of death, disability and health, to many South Africans. Continue reading

avbob funeral insurance

Avbob Funeral Insurance Plan

Avbob Funeral Insurance – is a product form Avbob, a South African assurance company that has helped a lot of South Africans for nearly a century in giving their loved ones a decent burial. Today Avbob has more than 100 agencies both in South Africa and Namibia. Continue reading